A dental implant is an artificial tooth root implanted in your jaw bone. It may support several teeth, or just a single missing tooth, or several loose teeth. Yes Dentistry dental implants Adelaide are titanium posts or screws designed from high-quality titanium, typically implanted into the jawbone under local anaesthetic. Depending on the procedure, they may be installed in just a few hours, or you may have to stay overnight in the hospital. One thing to remember is that dental implants are similar to natural teeth roots, so you need to get them from a dentist so they are correctly fitted and function correctly.

Full Arch Implants The most popular Yes Dentistry dental implants Adelaide are referred to as full arch implants. What you have when you have one is a false tooth that has been removed. The implant then covers up the gap where the tooth used to be, in its place. You will have to go in for a bridge if it cannot be attached to the implant due to some health concerns, or perhaps because it is more important for your mouth to have an entire arch. Full arch implants are suitable for both adults and children and do not require any healing time, unlike partial denture, which takes longer to heal and needs regular checkups. When it comes to pain management, Full arch implants are pretty pain-free.

Implant Root Surgery For a dental implant in Adelaide, the process can take just about two months. It starts with the preparation for surgery; this involves drawing your jaw and gum tissue, with the assistance of an endodontist, to a surgical procedure. This includes draining your mouth of all air and saliva, as well as numbing the gums before the surgeon begins. After this, the bone and gum are prepared for the implant, with the dental implant specialist placing the screws and plates where the teeth were anchored. Once the screws have been in place, a small titanium abutment is screwed into the bone to anchor the tooth.

After the abutment has been put in place, the dentist fits the full replacement tooth and finishes working on the implants. When it comes to maintaining the implant, you will find that Yes Dentistry dental implants Adelaide come with a whole range of care instructions, including regular mouth checks to ensure the implants are healing correctly and functioning safely. To maintain the strength and longevity of the implants, you will also have to make an effort to brush and floss your teeth as much as possible and brush and floss the natural teeth in addition to the implants.

As well as a whole range of maintenance instructions, there are also specific dietary requirements that must be met, including a special diet with a balanced amount of calcium and vitamin D. One of the most important aspects of dental implants in Adelaide is that the jawbone surrounding the replacement needs to be in good enough condition to support the crown. This is done through the careful orthodontic treatment process, where the oral surgeon gently reshapes the jawbone until the bone supports the titanium post that makes up the crown. When the jawbone is not in a sufficient state to do this, the bone can become weak and suffer from various consequences, such as the possibility of the implant shifting and causing problems with speech.