Discover why short swimming shorts are Australia’s go-to choice for beach days with a look at their unique design, features and appeal.

Swim shorts AU are essential summer wardrobe pieces in any tropical, beach-filled country like Australia. Not only do they provide comfort when enjoying the sun and waves, but they also come in various styles and colours to fit any occasion.

For Australians, swim shorts AU is part of their identity and a way to represent their culture when at the beach—or away from it. With so many options available, deciding which type of swim shorts best suits you can be tough. We’ve taken an in-depth look at what sets Australian swim shorts apart so that you can get your hands on the perfect pair!

What Makes Australian Swim Shorts Unique?

Australians often find that they stand out when looking for a new pair of swim shorts. This is because Australian swimwear features unique styles and designs not found anywhere else. The most notable feature is a bright colour palette with bold prints. From floral patterns to tribal designs and abstract art, every pair of Australian swimming trunks has something special about it.

Additionally, high-quality materials are used in all types of Australian swimwear, ensuring the product remains durable even after much use. All materials used are chlorine-resistant and quick drying, ensuring a comfortable fit regardless of how much time you spend splashing around in the water. Furthermore, these products come with UPF 50+ sun protection technology to keep your skin safe while enjoying your time outdoors.

Finally, there’s no denying that Australian swimming trunks also have some serious style points! Whether you’re looking for a classic board short design with innovative colours or something more modern such as neoprene fabric with relaxed leg openings – there’s something perfect for everyone here! You can even find options with pockets or cargo compartments if you need extra storage space while swimming or at the beach.

Popular Styles Available In Australia

One of the most popular choices when shopping for Aussie swimwear is men’s boardshorts – ideal for everyday use and more active sports like surfing/fishing/diving etc. These pairs typically sit above the knee and feature drawstring waistbands and velcro closure pockets – making them both comfortable and practical for various situations.

Plenty of other designs are available, including longer-length baggy shorts (for those who don’t want to show off too much leg) and ‘trunks’, which offer more coverage than board shorts but still give off stylish vibes! There are just as many great options for women, such as printed bikinis (which have been getting increasingly popular lately) plus rash vests – helping protect against UV radiation when outdoors for extended periods!

Why Buy Swimwear Made In Australia?

Sometimes buying cheap generic swim shorts AU from stores overseas is easier. However, this doesn’t always guarantee quality or comfort when spending long periods in chlorine pools/ocean waves etc. On top of this, buying locally ensures money goes back into supporting businesses based within Australia rather than large-scale international companies that may not share similar values or beliefs about environmental/social justice issues. Plus, many designers now produce completely sustainable materials made from recycled plastic bottles—meaning not only will you get superior quality garments but help reduce waste at the same time too!

Australian swimmers have access to some truly unique fashion pieces whether they’re looking for sporty styles or something more fashionable – making sure everyone looks their best while soaking up some sun rays by the coast!