The pandemic has placed the world to a halt. Everyone was in quarantine, including 70 players of the Australian Open 2021. That was when David Pohl, a physio and fitness coach, turned their limited space of quarantine into a makeshift gymnasium. This is how the players managed to stay healthy and fit despite the circumstances.

Players were not allowed to leave their rooms except for specific hours to train and play. Pohl had to get creative to keep the players engaged in their workout routine.

He would put up a whiteboard outside each player’s door with their name, training time, and what they had to do during the session. He would also hand out individualised workout plans and had a team of trainers ready to help the players with their workouts.

The players were initially sceptical about these makeshift training sessions, but Pohl was able to win them over with his infectious enthusiasm for fitness and exercise.

He kept the sessions varied and engaging, incorporating fun activities like skipping, boxing, and other high-intensity workouts that helped keep the players motivated despite the challenging circumstances.

Over time, the players saw significant improvements in their strength, agility, and overall fitness levels. As news of these success stories spread throughout the community, more people started showing up at Pohl’s makeshift gymnasium to join in. With everyone working together.

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Pohl made sure that each player had a different schedule so they wouldn’t get bored of doing the same workout every day. Some days, the players would do cardiovascular exercises, while other days they

David felt that the players deserved a chance to keep up their fitness and mental conditioning throughout the pandemic, even if it meant working out in a tight space. So he worked closely with each player to design workouts that would be both challenging and safe.

Thanks to his dedication and passion for fitness, the players were able to stay healthy and strong throughout the pandemic. Then, with Pohl’s help, they returned to the tennis court, ready to take on their opponents again.

The players had to get creative with their workouts, but they managed to stay in shape and be ready for the Australian Open. David’s hard work and dedication helped the players stay focused and prepared for the tournament. Thanks to him, they could compete at their best and make it to the finals.

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With David’s guidance, the athletes could stay focused and motivated during this difficult time. They pushed themselves hard every day, knowing they had a purpose now and an eye on their goals once the pandemic was over.

And indeed, when the pandemic finally ended, all of the players emerged fitter and stronger than before. Thanks to David’s tireless efforts, they were ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead with confidence and determination. The world may have changed, but their love for the game – and their will to win – remained the same.